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References for Part 4

                                                 Exod. 15:13                                                   

`^v,d>q hwEn>-la, ^Z>[b. Tl.h;nE Tl.a_G" Wz-~[; ^D>s.x;b. tyxin"

Exod. 15:13   “You lead with Your loving kindness this people You have redeemed.  You guide with Your might to the habitation of Your holiness.”


                                                  Deut. 5:10                                                    

`Îyt'wOc.miÐ ¿AtwOc.miÀ yrem.vol.W yb;h]aol. ~ypêil'a]l; ds,x, hf,[ow>

Deut. 5:10   but showing mercy to the thousandth generation for those loving Me and for the observers of My commandments.’”


                                                    Deut. 32:4                                                     

`aWh rv'y"w> qyDIc; lw<[ê' !yaew> hn"Wma/ lae jP_'v.mi wyk'r'D>-lk' yKi Alê[\P' ~ymiT' rWCh;

Deut. 32:4   “The Rock!  Perfect is His work,

                          for all His ways are justice.

                     A God of faithfulness and without iniquity,

                          just and right is He.”


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